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Our light fixtures include a manufacturers no red tape lifetime warranty. We have fixtures for every application. We specialize in low voltage residential landscape lighting Evansville Indiana but have fixtures for commercial or business applications. We use LED’s in all our lights. Why use LED’S?

  1. LED’S are rated for a life of 40,000 hours (traditional incandescent light bulbs are 2000hrs)
  2. LED’s use 2-3 watts that is nearly 80% more efficient than traditional bulbs.
  3. LED = Savings

If you would like to receive a Free lighting estimate or have questions about lighting options call us we are here to help. (812)-459-4921

Want to see one of our systems in person? We have happy clients in the Evansville, Newburgh and Henderson area that are happy to show their lighting systems. Don’t use any of our overpriced competitors, call us we wont be beat. Proud to serve all of the Newburgh, Evansville Indiana, Henderson, Owensboro Kentucky, Southern Illinois area with Low voltage Landscape lights.

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Landscape Lighting Evansville Indiana