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Think you’re ready to upgrade your Newburgh property with the installation of a swimming pool? While it’s definitely a luxury to be have the option of getting in your very own pool on a hot summer day, many fail to consider the planning involved with getting everything off to a “swimming” start!

Laying the Ground Work

You have to make sure you have a clean canvas on which to install your swimming pool, so the place to start is cleaning and completely clearing the construction area. This would include:

  • Removing any items like lawn furniture, debris and other potential hindrances from the immediate installation area
  • Mowing the grass down to make the area accessible
  • Checking all access areas to ensure ease in mobility to and from the construction site

Prepare the Family for Potential Hazards

Many Newburgh families considering pool installation have kids, and they will undoubtedly be excited. The trouble is, construction sites pose dangers. Before the crew arrives, have a family meeting to make sure everyone is aware of the rules and proper behavior when it comes to the soon-to-be pool area.

Don’t forget your pets! They’ll also be curious as to the sudden activity on your property. This makes it important to ensure proper protective measures are taken to prevent them from harm. This would include:

  • Deciding on a place to keep them while gates are unlocked for the crew
  • Preparing for the fact that there will likely be loud noises that could frighten them
  • Letting your crew know you have a pet ahead of time

Adequate Access Every Step of the Process

Your construction crew will work best when they can quickly access everything they need throughout the process, and this starts with ease in mobility from their vehicles to the construction site. Some things you can do ahead of time to ensure this is possible include:

  • Keeping gates unlocked and open
  • Ensuring inspectors have access on days they’re scheduled to arrive
  • Checking for potential issues like trip hazards and making the crew is aware of them
  • Allowing open and easy access to electrical outlets and water supply

A pool can transform the atmosphere of your home, especially during those hot summer months. By following these helpful swimming pool planning and installation tips, you can best ensure everything goes without a hitch.