Freshly mowed lawns are a key to any backyard looking good, but you can go above and beyond to add a modern touch to your yard. Trends are set for a reason and many landscaping transformations can really change the look and use of your property for the better.

1. Innovative Outdoor Spaces

Turn a backyard into an ideal location for socializing. Innovations in outdoor furniture and landscape design can make an outdoor space feel like a natural extension of your home.

An example includes fire pits with comfortable seating areas. Place furniture around a modern fire pit that can provide warmth, comfort, and great visuals. Use the space to socialize, play video games, and enjoy company. Go beyond the grill with the use of a modern outdoor kitchen that can include storage cabinets, stove tops, and sinks. Complete all your food prep and cooking without the need to constantly go in and out of the kitchen.

2. High-Tech & Smart Landscapes

Use technology to your advantage with smart landscape products. Save water and time with smart irrigation systems that will ensure your lawn thrives without oversaturating areas. The systems can collect data and run on timers. Easily change settings based on weather patterns, heat waves, and other factors.

Smart lighting can help your landscape as well. Consider smart outdoor lighting installations for patio lights, garden lights, and walkway lights. With app connections, you can set timers, turn on lights before you arrive home, and check to see if you accidentally left any lights on. Some of the more advanced lights allow you to change color tones to create different visuals. For example, around the winter holidays, you can set red and green color schemes on smart lights for a nice touch.

3. Outdoor Living Rooms

Enjoy the relaxation of a living room with the benefit of fresh air. Outdoor furniture pieces won’t collect dust like furniture does indoors, and you have a lot more space to set up your ideal arrangement.

A modern outdoor living room can feature an open air concept, or you can add some shade with the installation of a pergola, canopy, or oversized umbrella. Outdoor entertainment centers provide additional options, including waterproof speakers and mounted televisions.

4. Low-Maintenance Flowers & Plants

Keeping up with gardens may feel like a part-time job. If you work with professional landscapers to choose the right plants, then you can enjoy a garden with low-maintenance flowers that provide the beauty without the need for so much tending and care.

Line your yard with evergreen shrubs that look full all year long and require minimal gardening. Consider a cacti garden that adds a nice aesthetic without the need to constantly water or tend to. Ornamental grasses feature unique shapes and textures that can fill garden beds or edges of your landscape. A landscaper can consider what plants you like and help plan out a design with an emphasis on low-maintenance.

5. Minimalist Gardens

Not only can your lawn feature low-maintenance plants, but you can enhance the visuals with a minimalist gardens. When it comes to landscaping, sometimes more doesn’t equal better. A minimalist garden can feature well-planned geometric layouts set in a specific part of your yard.

A minimalist garden will also include minimal garden decor. You may choose one or two signature pieces as opposed to a whole collection of statues, fountains, and bird baths. With the help of a landscaper, you can seek out a specific theme that becomes the emphasis for the minimalist design.

The color palette for your plants and landscaping can also help create minimalist visuals. For example, a garden may include a color scheme like green and brown with splashes of yellow.

Work with a modern landscaper to make any of these landscape designs a reality for your property. The trends will help transform your property and can last for years.