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Advancements in technology have completely changed the way homeowners can light home exteriors. The use of low voltage residential landscape lighting not only changes design elements, but it can save money and lower energy usage for your home. Learn more about landscape lighting options in Evansville, Indiana and ways to transform the lighting for your home.

Landscape Lighting Placement & Installation

Landscape lighting includes more than just placing lights around your property. Purposeful lighting design can improve curb appeal, create practical lighting needs, and showcase an overall theme for your landscape. With professional landscapers, you can plan color schemes, choose specific placement options, and ensure the lights get installed securely.

Color schemes can include colors that compliment your home, place a focus on landscaping elements, or to implement different themes like holidays.

LED Lighting Advantages

When you choose LED landscape lighting in Evansville, Indiana, you will have several advantages with LED bulb technology. LED bulbs can last for 40,000 hours or longer and are 80% more efficient than traditional bulbs, which can result in much lower energy bills and lower consumption.

Once installed, you will not need to worry about bulb replacement or maintenance for years. Smart LED lighting also gives you the opportunity to connect the bulbs to apps. With app connections, you can set lighting schedules, change colors, and create specific lighting schemes to meet your needs.

Free Lighting Estimates in Evansville, Indiana

Change the exterior of your home with professional installation in Evansville, Indiana. We offer free lighting estimates and can do a full tour of your home to help you plan and price out lighting installations.

Along with free estimates, you can see examples of our work on our website or through in-person tours of other customer home exteriors. Seeing other designs can offer a lot of inspiration for your own landscaping in Evansville.